Here Is How to Avoid Hat-Hair While Staying Warm During Winter

Here Is How to Avoid Hat-Hair

It’s a classic winter dilemma: choosing between a warm head and stylish hair. When the temperature drops to the point where you can’t feel your ears, it’s only natural to abandon fashion and don a hat. However, hat-hair does not have to be the sole option. Here are fashion gurus’ best tips and tactics for keeping their heads warm without losing their hair.

Earmuffs Can Solve Hat-Hair Problems

Natalie Decleve of Natty Style, a stylist and lifestyle writer, says this is her go-to. “I think they’re cute, plus they don’t mess up your hair!” she exclaims. Earmuffs, meanwhile, are making a comeback. They can be as simple or as extravagant as you want, with everything – from hot pink faux fur to sparkles.

Ear Mitts Might Also Help!

These warmers are a cousin of the earmuff, and they come in two parts that slip over your ears without a headband to muss up your hair. According to celebrity fashion consultant Dawn del Russo, “everything will stay in place and your ears will be pleasant and cozy.” They’re also available in a variety of fun faux fur and crystal-studded styles. This way, you avoid having hat-hair, while looking pretty.

Safety Pins and Dryer Sheets

The ever-present plus one of the winter hats is static. Keep a dryer sheet in your purse and lightly rub it through your hair before putting on or taking off your hat, according to del Russo, Greenawalt, and My Style Pill personal stylist Christine Cameron. Is there another trick? Greenawalt recommends pinning a safety pin into the garment’s seam.

Dry Shampoo to the Rescue

Dry shampoo can be your greatest friend if you’re going to wear your hair in a hat, according to Decleve. It helps to minimize static & hat-hair, while your flattened locks have a little more substance.

A Ponytail Is Also a Nice Solution

Before putting on a hat, create a low, loose ponytail, to avoid having hat-hair. “It’s a pretty nice method to make sure you don’t get that kink in the back” when you pull it down, according to del Russo, it’ll keep your hair from getting tangled during the journey.